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can you tell the exact point in time where I stopped trying to make this into a comprehensible tutorial

ahhh but there you go anon! I hope you find this tutorial useful ahah;; I find that observing real life (or just googling up faces and expressions) really help with understanding faces and how they do the thing. So keep on practicing!

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IT”S FUN TO DRAW FOLDS BUT DON”t OVERD O IT!! there are like a million other super useful clothing tutorials otu there so tursn aaway from mine just take these as some kinda suggestions P.S. THIS IS SUPER HELPFUL

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This is incredibly helpful for making walking sprites.

Just want to post this so I can share it with other people.

BTW this is tlly helpful for all walk cycles. It is in my text book.Heheh

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There is a serious lack of booboo tutorials.

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POSES??? ctrl+click or cmd+click each image for readable sizes, or just click these handy links: one two three four

Once again stressing that this is how I do things, not how you should do things. I mean, you can if you want. But it’s entirely a personal thing, as art should be! Always look at other people’s art, as they will come up with poses you hadn’t even thought of and generally broaden your mind.

Here are some useful links:

  • pixelovely has photos of life drawing poses and a system that cycles through them like a real life drawing class! You can also pick whether you want just men or women, or just nude or clothed, or both.
  • posemaniacs has tons of 3D models in poses. They’re shown on the muscle layer of things so that you can see how the muscles work! All models can be rotated 360 degrees, and come in varying degrees of camera angles from top to bottom. They also have a fantastic hand viewer which has hands that can be rotated along all axes, although there’s a limited selection of poses and the anatomy of the hands themselves could use some work.
  • Some great stock providers on deviantArt include SenshiStock aaaand… I can’t find the others right now. I’ll edit this post when I do!
  • Here are some other good tutorials and references! one two

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Coloured Shading Tutorial - How to pick a palette by *MadeleineStern

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4 all u kids who wanna study some figure drawing/anatomy

All the downloads are free they only take a little bit time to download because these are big files!

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A couple people asked me how I vary my leaves and trees and honestly, it’s super easy! I’ve never made a tutorial/guide before so I kept this mega simple but I hope someone out there might find it useful at least!

Also, anyone can download the brushes I use for all my art on my tumblr page (: I only use around 5 so go nuts haha

Wow! Reblogging this for reference. I gotta start drawing more backgrounds.

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Ohmigosh yes.

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pah! my skin palettes are no where near perfect. I wish. D:

I’m not sure if this would be of help, but here’s sort of a quick step-by-step guide of sorts. also my main brushes I use + their settings. I literally just block colors and shapes in with my “paint” brush, blend them around some, and color drop. that’s it…haha.

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Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 

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How I pratice drawing things, now in a tutorial form.
The shrimp photo I used is here
Show me your shrimps if you do this uvu 

PS: lots of engrish because foreign 

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Semi-realistic Eye tutorial. Hope you guys find it useful ^^


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Resource for today is Quick Poses. For all those figure drawing lovers out there who cannot afford life drawing sessions.

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