i’m all about their little moments

looking at this doodle now, they look kinda young…  making me want to draw an AU of them meeting in high school or college

I’m having some… difficulty dealing with the hiatus. And don’t even get me started on how Nick keeps picking Jess up.


Passing the time with art yet again! It needs some finishing touches which I will probably do tomorrow, but I think the WIP is looking pretty good so far :)

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Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson film scenes for New Girl on Tuesday (December 4) in West Hollywood.

in light of the most recent episode, i’m reblogging this with one comment: Nick and Jess are endgame, guys. 

when Nick winked at Jess on tonight’s episode

i am a ball of excitement over this finale. i want tuesday to be here. now. 

well. doodled this in class before i could stop myself.

it appears that i have no control over these two. they have taken over my doodle time. 

these two. seriously. i’m loving the build-up for them. :3

Jess is still learning about boundaries, but i don’t think Nick minds so much this time… ;)

a lot of people want me to keep drawing New Girl (i’m not complaining, more than happy to oblige actually), and i’ve gotten a bunch of people asking me to draw Nick and Jess kiss.

this is all i got. i seriously couldn’t draw them kissing. it just got silly. maybe because i can’t wait to see how they actually get together on the show? i dunno. 

this is what happens when i turn on New Girl while working on my drawing for an art show later this month. i’ll admit i have a problem. 

basicallyyyy i draw in class to stay awake.

what they don’t look like nick and jess from New Girl what they don’t

"I was feeling twirly, Nick!"