*stress-doodles Teddy Lupin*

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doodled a menacing Hecate today in class. needless to say, i’m enjoying House of Hades. 

confession time: i draw too much Hyouka when i should be paying attention to class


even though it’s reposted and cropped weirdly, at least my signature is still there..?

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an old sketch i thought i’d dust off for the hpshipweeks.

i’m not kidding when i say i draw harry and ginny constantly. they just won’t ever leave me alone. (as if i’d want them to)

i had Tyson for the front cover of the pjo fanzine! and i hAD A REALLY HARD TIME WITH THIS ONE.

dunno why, but i couldn’t for the life of me settle on a design i liked. i’m actually tired of drawing the poor guy now. i butchered so many attempts at him. 

harry and ginny for the hpshipweeks! idiots

bonus romione: 

literally finishing everything for the fanzine at the very last second, which comes as no surprise- it’s how i operate, i’m so sorry.

here’s my portrait as a child of Apollo for the back cover! i wanted to have some of my more sketchier work in the fanzine, because, let’s be honest, 80% of my artwork for PJO is like this- rough and pencil-y. also, i gave myself beads that equaled the number of years since i discovered the series. <3

"…pretty nice guys, but you should always keep one hand on your wallet when they are around and never, under any circumstances, give them access to shaving cream." -Percy Jackson

one of my pages for the PJO zine! woooo! (still have to resize it and all that technical stuff, but whadduppppp Stoll babes)

it always feels like i lose so much when i transfer a pencil drawing to digital, but oh well, this was good practice. 

warm up with a happy ginny while listening to this 

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i forgot to post the halloween sketches i did for Blaire and Prosper i’m the worst

i was messing around with the idea of them dressing up as Adventure Time characters, but i’m pretty sure they would rather go with the idea on the right- it just fits them better. 

was feeling pretty uninspired in drawing class yesterday, so i doodled a Hazel

tried something a little different, and Blaire and Prosper were my guinea pigs

is it just me or do they look like what disney’s been putting out recently

what a stupid way to get rid of hiccups

"Can I kiss you?"

He hesitated to answer her, mostly out of shock at her bluntness. Would he be required to expend energy in this scenario? Did that even matter at this point? He allowed himself to sigh inwardly; he’s never been any good at refusing her anyway.