shut up this part was freaking cute

the light broke in and brought me to my feet

i found some genderbent sketches of Blaire and Prosper from a while ago woo

boy!Blaire would still have a thing for sweaters, and girl!Prosper would still be such a jock. do i like their dynamic more like this? aaaaaalmost

those damn hipsters

i’m a terrible friend, andiree, and i know it. i should’ve posted this so long ago- can it just be a gift for no occasion now? simply for you being a beautiful person??

these are Andi’s characters, Winnie and Ryan from her awesome comic <3

you and i are nothing but thieves

i knew this chapter was coming and it still ripped my heart out

also, the irony of this song playing while i sketched is not lost on me

"Who puts a dining table on the beach where innocent demigods can crash into it? Who does that?”

while i’m reading, it’s absolutely crucial that i take quick doodle breaks

sorry it’s always so shippy but lovestruck Leo was begging to be drawn

Percy wanted to tell her it was okay, but of course it wasn’t. He couldn’t even feel his body anymore. His consciousness was like a small helium balloon, loosely tied to the top of his head. It had no weight, no strength. It just kept expanding, getting lighter and lighter. He knew that soon it would either burst or the string would break, and his life would float away- page 242, House of Hades

sketches of the scenes i’m working on currently woop


Percy Jackson by Burdge

i’ve gotten a million and one questions about Frozen and if i’d draw something for it. i wasn’t really planning to, but this happened as a warm up anyway. 

At least he had Annabeth. They would find a way out of Tartarus. They had to. He didn’t think much of fates and prophecies, but he did believe in one thing: Annabeth and he were supposed to be together. They hadn’t survived so much just to get killed now. - The House of Hades

lucky me, the new year brought in a terrible bought of art block.

i know this is a lame peace offering, but it’s my way of saying that i’ll post some more substantial art soon (YES that means House of Hades stuff). in the meantime, Piper is putting the charms on me and my pencils.

what i learned from this: i really need to stop ignoring backgrounds