i found some old sketches from last year ayy

a couple weeks ago, i borrowed ava’s demon characters to try out watercolors and i’ve been practicing since then cus BOY do i need it. it’s not a medium i’m used to /sigh

sometimes i’ll be sitting in class or out getting groceries and it will hit me that these two were younger than me when they fought in a war and died.

i wanted to color this but i can’t find the cord for my tablet wahh

clare wanted me to write “love is blind” HA


Coloring other peoples works it’s good when you’re completely out of creativity… and I really wanted to color this drawing *——*

That’s the most I can contribute to valentine’s day..

the drawing belongs to burdge xD

couldn’t think of a good phrase for this valentine, which is odd, cause i know there must be a million puns out there for this couple. 

but this song always reminds me of them. uwu

because both of them did, didn’t they? annabeth refused the hunters of artemis, and percy turned down the gods.

(i’m really strapped for time right now, but i’m trying to make a bunch of these sketchy valentines for this week.) <3

i’m all about their little moments

i know i promised to post this FOREVER ago. also, i took the photos with my phone, which is awful, but the drawings don’t fit in my scanner sorry sorry sorry

but here’s the Tessellate series from last semester. looking back on it, i know i could’ve done better, so here’s to leveling up this year! 


ση му ƒєєт - a harry potter/ginny weasley fanmix (art by burdge)

she is love - parachute (it was all the same, my pride and shame / and she puts me on my feet) | munich - the fray (hold my hand / and now you’re not alone) | love love love - of monsters and men (you love, love, love / when you know i can’t love you) | fire and rain - mat kearney (do you ever think about me? / do you ever call my name?) | safe and sound - capital cities (even if the sky is falling down / i know that we’ll be safe and sound) | this love [will be your downfall] - ellie goulding (who am i to choose the boy / that everyone adores?) | all this time - onerepublic (all this time / we were waiting for each other) | vanilla twilight - owl city (because when i think of you / i don’t feel so alone) | sweater weather - the neighborhood (inside this place is warm / outside it starts to storm) | smile - uncle kracker (completely unaware / nothing can compare) | gotta have you - the weepies (and i won’t be warm / til i’m lying in your arms)


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a scene that really bothers me in HBP is when Ginny feeds Harry that pie thing and she is like “don’t you trust me?” and then just feeds it to him all nicely 

because I honestly believe that book!Ginny would have said “don’t you trust me?” and then she would proceed to shove the pie in his face and then say “your mistake!” and just like run away laughing her head off and Harry would just be sitting there with pie stuck to his face and a small grin thinking ‘wow this girl is perfect’



forgive me

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needed to practice with gouache some more, so i used that as an excuse to make my witchsona! (a little late) i really wanted a pug as my familiar, as impractical as it may be. otherwise, i’m an achingly normal and sloppy witch that gains her power from oversized sweaters. 

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Let’s get a link on this, folks: this is all burdge’s amazing artwork for New Girl.  There’s more fantastic stuff on her tumblr as well that isn’t shown here, so go and check her out if you haven’t already - she is amazeballs.

how have i not seen this??? (and thank you blithers you’re perfect uwu)

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