Grecian circa 2010/18 years old

experimented with different poses and body types

Sinners and Saints circa 2009/17 years old

began to understand anatomy a little better after taking figure classes

It Is Love circa 2008/16 years old

looser, but still cartoony

Blaire circa 2008/16 years old

began really developing original characters

Doodles circa 2008/16 years old

era of the shadow figures

Dresses circa 2007-08/15 or 16 years old

Dream circa 2007/15 years old

began drawing more cartoony, also the year i experimented with color and discovered Twilight

unfinished Mirror circa 2007/15 years old

experimented with shading

Self circa May of 2006/14 years old

tried my hand at realism. 8C

Picture This circa 2006/14 years old

tried new vantage points, challenged my comfort zone, might have discovered deviantArt this year

Fantasy circa 2005/13 years old

really never got tired of drawing mermaids or fairies. :B

Fairy Silhouettes circa 2005/13 years old

Sunset circa 2005/13 years old

Harry and Ginny circa July of 2004/12 years old

used a magazine ad for reference, mother disapproved of pose

Comparing Harry and Ginny to James and Lily circa July of 2004/12 years old

still in my raging Harry Potter phase