a weird sketch proportionally, if i’m honest w/ myself [x]

"I want you to," he blurted out. And then, more quietly: "I’ll really miss you."

"Will you?" she murmured in reply.

"How can you even ask that?" he admonished, reaching out and lacing their fingers together. "You’re one of the best friends I’ve ever had."

i don’t read a lot of fic, but i just finished a really incredible one about young Roy and Riza i’m so sad it’s over

also this song ouch

that fourth panel, Houtarou is weighing the pros and cons of his next move. and while he’s not really a man of action, i can see him leaning towards his desire to stay warm (and ignoring the part of him that just likes having Eru close).

one day… one day i’ll make comics that didn’t happen accidentally as doodles in a lecture class.

admit it, kid. you kinda like having her around

this is how i waste valuable time

forehead kisses (◡‿◡✿)

that Tohru Honda seems approachable enough, but the company she keeps is a little… intimidating. 

remember when bludgers kept hitting Harry because he couldn’t keep his eyes off of Ginny? 

well i ran it through an AU. and all because some anon messaged me about girl!Harry and boy!Ginny.


"Then tag along for all I care."


that last chapter though

this 12 year old describes a girl as “glowing like the setting sun” when she blushes and people wonder why they ended up married [x]

all of me, honestly, is dedicated to hold you

i’ll be sketching harry and ginny til i die of old age

I KNEW IT i freaking KNEW it wasn’t just my imagination that these dweebs shared a lot of dumb private jokes i kneeeeewwww iiiiiiiiit

(here’s the link to that text post!)

for some reason, Third Eye Blind always reminds me of these punks

"I’m cold." Harry glanced down at her words, but Ginny was already moving, stepping around him. "Make room."

"Wh-" Before he could protest, Ginny’s arms had wrapped around his middle, and her hands had slid into the pockets of his jacket, joining his own. He exhaled sharply, his breath misting in front of him. 

"Should’ve been more prepared for the weather," he told her cheekily, his fingers curling around her (much colder) handsHarry felt her cheek press between his shoulder blades as she mumbled in reply. 

"It’s supposed to be Spring by now."

Ryuuji’s not a dragon though, he’s definitely a mother hen. and clearly i like to draw that.