well, this was inevitable. [x]

tipsy eru because she’s charming

scanner’s on the fritz


burdge just posted this on instagram and i’m in love

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"I don’t want to be alone anymore.” 

much more invested in this dynamic than what the main characters got goin on



harry and ginny, aurors [x x x x]

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i’m sorting through my external hard drive and i found what was supposed to be a gift for bevsi so so so long ago.

i wanted to finish it on SAI, but my tablet broke boooooo (i still want to sometime in the future)

you should see the other guys

let’s talk about how pretty Hiro Hamada’s eyes are

series of watercolor sketches for my drawing class this past semester, each one inspired by a song. if you click the pictures, the captions let you know what songs the drawings illustrate! c:

all of my professors were determined to let me know that they think my art is cliche before i graduated. but clearly i’ve embraced that lol.

i am without a scanner and a studio, but i still needed to get a sketch on here for viria's birthday. sorry it's so late, love!!! your characters are such a delight to draw, i especially had fun with cyrus' bedhead uvu

i’ve missed so many friends’ birthdays this year i’m the worst

my art trade with oreides, with Ore as Howl and Madi as Sophie!!

i hope this is ok, i’ve always gotten the impression your dynamic was similar to these characters, so i had to run with it. <3

for all the people who asked- photos of all my paintings! (and a cute one that my dad got at the reception uvu)

(sidenote: the second painting was referenced from a photo online, which i had bookmarked all semester. of course, my hard drive crashed and i lost the link- does anyone recognize it? so i can credit the photographer? i’ve done a lot of goofy searches with no results OTL)