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inspiration in my head phones. <3

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the way i see it, Harry and Ginny would be all into bets. so, when it came to Teddy, Harry would claim that Ted would be a Seeker when he grew up. Ginny would argue of course, that he’d be a Chaser. it didn’t enter either of their Quidditch-addled minds that he wouldn’t play at all (which he doesn’t, in my head). here, Ginny is boosting her chances of being right with Harry’s attention elsewhere.



ted tries to remember

lol this drawing is like 3 or 4 years old tho.

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um. yeah, i think Jade is hilarious.

don’t even get me started on John.

Ways To Combat Art Block: just put a pen/pencil to paper. don’t think about what you’re drawing, just draw.

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eskimo kisses

a thousand other boys could never reach you

how could i have been the one?

i had an urge to design something. Cinna was my guide.


Blosper by *burdge-bug

You just *know* Life is good when your favourite artist does a precious piece of art for you. Le sigh.


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