"The wanted thief, I’m so proud."

i decided to give my characters, Bo and Sally, a little makeover. and suddenly they were hipsters.

a mish-mash of Harry Potter, Homestuck, and Maximum Ride doodles… at least i can say i’m eclectic.

ink sketch done in Western Theology Tradition. i’d like to think my time was well-spent.

i feel bad that i haven’t been blogging… so here’s a random sketch. c:

a tendency of mine: doodling dozing students in my class notes.


Drawing by Burdge-Bug  @ burdge.tumblr.com

Colouring by me!! in picnik

(Source: goldifuckzzz)

something i’m working on, but can’t scan. sorry for the blurriness. :c

oh, but look at that… i say i’m not gonna get on tumblr that much, and here i am, soldiering through the terrible internet connection.

Then, with a paper plate heaped high with chicken legs, melon slices, mushroom vol-au-vents, caviar puffs, and small venison sausages, she began to circle the room, staring intently at each and every angelic artefact.

Richard trailed along behind her, with a Brie and fennel sandwich and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

page 189, Neverwhere

gotta color this nonsense.