ted tries to remember

lol this drawing is like 3 or 4 years old tho.

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um. yeah, i think Jade is hilarious.

don’t even get me started on John.

Ways To Combat Art Block: just put a pen/pencil to paper. don’t think about what you’re drawing, just draw.

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eskimo kisses

a thousand other boys could never reach you

how could i have been the one?

i had an urge to design something. Cinna was my guide.


Blosper by *burdge-bug

You just *know* Life is good when your favourite artist does a precious piece of art for you. Le sigh.


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weird. hadn’t meant to draw him.

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so this happened the other day.

what bandwagon?

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Tangled by ~muimuic

saw this on my dash and then saw the source.

hang on, what now?

/followed source


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i have this absolutely despicable tendency of cutting off the feet in my drawings.

old sketch from last year, they’re a lot older than in the movie here. :B

my head canon for Harry and Ginny’s wedding is simple (though their attire tends to change with my taste). she picks wildflowers for her bouquet and hair, he takes a few of the flowers to magic a bracelet out of them (which she wears for the ceremony), she lets Fleur help with her hair, and the whole affair is intimately small and modest.

i have too much fun with fan art.