my first love

more nico bc this song came on when i was sketching- [x]

*tries to think of an intelligent way to say i’ve been slacking* …i’ve been doing a lot of limited palette sketches 

you wanna read a beautifully written fic about hyouka? of course you do.

sleepy baby shoushou to calm my broken heart

i should probably stop rewatching shows i’ve seen a million times

(not sure why the first image is so compressed OTL)

"You want me to tell Uncle Harry that it was YOU that blew up the broom shed? DO YOU?"

i grew up in a big family, the weak don’t survive

*loses control of life bc of the quidditch world cup update*

you just don’t plan for something like this

canonically always sucking face

i think about that shushing trick Nico did in The Son of Neptune a lot. 

*makes lame joke about old school anime*

abandoned sketches: the not so-eagerly-awaited sequel


i’m really bad at taking notes

gonna keep the scribbles from last semester comin’

i don’t think i’ve had enough practice with mayaka unfortunately

abandoned sketches from last semester! (i would put on cartoons sometimes while painting in the studio, it was weirdly relaxing??)