quick portrait done of a classmate in Human Figure. she has the BLONDEST hair ever, it’s so cool. the lighting, however, was super weird… on account of my instructor, who may or may not be a tad eccentric…

monochromatic still life from Painting I, used oil paint

Jess is still learning about boundaries, but i don’t think Nick minds so much this time… ;)

a lot of people want me to keep drawing New Girl (i’m not complaining, more than happy to oblige actually), and i’ve gotten a bunch of people asking me to draw Nick and Jess kiss.

this is all i got. i seriously couldn’t draw them kissing. it just got silly. maybe because i can’t wait to see how they actually get together on the show? i dunno. 

I’ve nothing without you.
All my dreams and all the lights mean
Nothing without you.

(Source: ludakristen)

this is what happens when i turn on New Girl while working on my drawing for an art show later this month. i’ll admit i have a problem. 

basicallyyyy i draw in class to stay awake.

what they don’t look like nick and jess from New Girl what they don’t

Years into their relationship, Teddy will look back and wonder if she ever even had an awkward phase. 

Human Figure classwork

i’m less than pleased with the second one, but whatevs

human figure classwork. :p

should i post more of the nude models? i don’t want to offend anyone… 

whipped this up when i was at work. i’m just compiling tips that i’ve found helpful over the years. c:

i kept getting asked about how i draw boys’ hair. which confused me, cause i didn’t really know how to explain it, other than give examples… anyway, this is how i do it, hope it helps! 

if you can’t read it, you can open the image in a new tab, which gives you a better view. c:

the first of many

because you guys are persistent

i think i must be the worst teacher ever, so don’t set your expectations too high. :C