okay, i think i’m done.

i think.

so i follow some pretty awesome Avatar blogs (like masterarrowhead) and they put ideas in my head. 

i’m just toying around, not to be taken seriously. i sketched this so quickly, i just… had to. :3

why hello, bandwagon. 


I colored Percabeth! Lol this picture is also on my deviantart, http://www.deviantart.com/gi1997
I think their expressions are so perfect :) completely spot on

oh, this sketch looks so much nicer colored. thank you! c:

(Source: stilesmcalll)

i feel like Katniss was eventually very grateful for Peeta’s insistence that they have children…

oil painting of a still life i’ve been working on for school. used a palette knife to apply paint and a triadic color scheme. wackyyyy!

it’s been too long, my lovely prismacolor pencils.

i don’t remember the last time i could actually sit down and color a drawing on my own time, for myself. 

two charcoal drawings from tonight’s Human Figure class… i think they were both done in a little under an hour. 

alla prima oil painting of my classmate’s hair. :3

so… i missed the Mako bandwagon, but very willingly jumped aboard the little Meelo one. i don’t think i captured his crazy, but he was fun to draw nonetheless. <3

it appears that i have no control over these two. they have taken over my doodle time. 

wanted to draw a flapper the other day. i guess i was subconsciously channeling Liza Minnelli into this design… :B

threw some flat color on this sketch today. yayyy adventure time! :3

why do i feel so compelled to draw Finn like Peter Pan…?

hayy i scanned it. :3

these two. seriously. i’m loving the build-up for them. :3