listened to this song practically on repeat while i sketched this out. study break Percabeth!

someone has been demanding i post my sketches of Prim. i don’t have a clue as to why, but there you go. that’s Prim on the right.

…accompanied by Arya Stark and the Bending Brothers. let’s just call it as it is: doodles of unfortunate young people. 

oh hay just found my stuff in the Korra tag what

(via sa-la-pa)

they’re just so close to realizing they’re perfect for each other. 

oh, Korra, stop making Mako uncomfortable. 

okay. Mako has infiltrated my defenses. it’s official, i find him utterly adorable.

and she’s the daylight

Human Figure classwork with ink and brushes. 

i feel like i’m going to be the Neville of Slytherin house… only difference is, he totally lived up to the Gryffindor business eventually. i feel like someone made a mistake somewhere with me.

but there ya go. you guys have been asking what my username is, so yeah. if you can’t read it, it says LeviosaScale3271. 

what’s their couple name? …finnie? annick?

but you are here. i’m holding on with every breath. 

-release the sunbird

well. doodled this in class before i could stop myself.

project i’m currently working on for drawing class