group pic because i am SO excited for season 2. :3

using an old scanner now that i’m home blegh.

some really awful webcam photos of a series of oil paintings i did last semester. heh.

i’ve been frustrated with everything i’ve been drawing lately, so i’m revisiting an old sketch. what better to cheer me up but some harry/ginny snuggles?

uh right i’m on a Percy Jackson kick

Percy getting distracted from distracting Annabeth from her homework. 

i miss their antics. 

But Percy was down there… he was so close. She had to reach him. 

-Mark of Athena

speed paint of Merida, because i haven’t really drawn that much of this beauty.

the seven! :D

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doodles from Western Civilization II last semester… you may recognize the mermaid.

so Drive is probably the most under-appreciated movie right now. the pacing, the lighting, the colors, the acting- this movie took my breath away. the unnamed driver captured my sympathy as the anti-hero.

i was sorting through some of my old sketchbooks and found this incomplete sketch. i always had this idea of Percy and Annabeth “Iris Messaging” each other while they were apart…

aww… every now and then, this still pops up on my dash. :’)

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i bro’d again. 

i’ll have to draw her some more, so i can really get a design i’m satisfied with… but i think i’ll have fun in the process. c:

something i intend to finish… eventually. was listening to Sonic Youth and it inspired a dramatic Loki.