a young and troubled Loki

omg loki, you little twerp, stop disrupting my notes.

oh hi, thor. 

these two were my favorites from the team. and that says a lot, because i love all the Avengers so much it kind of scares me. 

i loved how Loki was just downright playful in Thor. i mean, he looked so young in that movie, compared to the Avengers… it was so cool though, how consistent, yet changed Loki was in this latest film. i blame Hiddleston. 

Lily and little Harry for Mother’s day. <3


trying to figure out Hiddles’ face… i just find complex, tortured villains irresistible, so i had to try my hand at drawing him. 

The stars wonʼt shine until youʼre mine 
The moon wonʼt glow until you know 
That ever since you stumbled blindly, fell into my world 
I have come undone, my hearts unfurled 

what i’m working on right now :3

things i do instead of studying the night before a final:

1. sketch out head-shots of characters in Legend of Korra

2. question my life choices

i am a ball of excitement over this finale. i want tuesday to be here. now. 

listened to this song practically on repeat while i sketched this out. study break Percabeth!

someone has been demanding i post my sketches of Prim. i don’t have a clue as to why, but there you go. that’s Prim on the right.

…accompanied by Arya Stark and the Bending Brothers. let’s just call it as it is: doodles of unfortunate young people.