canonically always sucking face

i think about that shushing trick Nico did in The Son of Neptune a lot. 

*makes lame joke about old school anime*

abandoned sketches: the not so-eagerly-awaited sequel


i’m really bad at taking notes

gonna keep the scribbles from last semester comin’

i don’t think i’ve had enough practice with mayaka unfortunately

abandoned sketches from last semester! (i would put on cartoons sometimes while painting in the studio, it was weirdly relaxing??)

well, this was inevitable. [x]

tipsy eru because she’s charming

scanner’s on the fritz


burdge just posted this on instagram and i’m in love


"I don’t want to be alone anymore.” 

much more invested in this dynamic than what the main characters got goin on



harry and ginny, aurors [x x x x]

(via lilyslunas)

i’m sorting through my external hard drive and i found what was supposed to be a gift for bevsi so so so long ago.

i wanted to finish it on SAI, but my tablet broke boooooo (i still want to sometime in the future)

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