to all those anons asking me for smut- this is as dirty as it’s gonna get for now

so not dirty at all sorry

remember when i was obsessed with Harry and Ginny

oh right i still am

i wish this guy existed so i could throw my sketchbook at him

heard it was SOMEONE’S birthday!

and since she is way too generous with me all the freaking time, i wanted to return the favor and draw her precious OC’s. they were so fun to draw and i couldn’t help but imagine this scenario, where Danica enjoys how uncomfortable Alex is over something off-page. even though it’s quite a fast and sloppy sketch- happy birthday, Andy!!! <3

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eren’s that character that i was annoyed with at the start but then became freakishly protective of and affectionate towards

sweet child, so prone to rage

wow okay awkward, young love really makes me wanna draw


i sketched this out after watching episode 59, before they were reunited. so excuse the non-canon-ness of it. i think it was wishful thinking that led me to draw it… not to say i didn’t actually ADORE the last few episodes, Roy and Riza are both so damn strong, i just wanted to see this so badly. my drawings of this pair have a tendency to include a LOT of touching, and i think that’s me compensating for the lack of touching on the show. anyway, here’s the song i wrote down in the corner of this.

BARELY made it, but i’ve had this idea in my head for Percy’s birthday for a while and had to draw it. i apologize, because i drew it drunkenly- just moved back into my apartment, hence… celebratory drinks. it was unavoidable. 


Lineart by Burdge - original drawing

Coloring by me (Isuani)

I ever wanted to color one of burdge’s unbelievable perfect drawing and now I finally did.

She, together with viria, was my inspiration to start with fanart.

So if you maybe ever see this, I hope you like it.

this is so lovely!!! thank you for coloring it. <333


The rest of my FMA collabs with Brigid! Not gonna lie, I nearly squealed at the cuteness when these arrived in my inbox. Sketches/inks were done by her, colours by me. I’m super-happy with the results - I should probably draw more of Ed & Winry myself, now :D
Thanks so much for doing this with me, girl! (UwU)

yay!! you did both of them! i’m really glad we did this, so thank you for suggesting it. <3


OK so Brigid was lovely enough to agree to do a set of FMA collabs with me, so here’s the first one! I had so much fun colouring this on livestream, but by far the best comment of that session was when Michelle said: “You should change her gun to a banana. It’d suit the mood." XD

ANDY. THE LIGHTING. you are PERFECT. i wish i hadn’t missed the livestream! the colors you chose are fantastic, wow- and i’m glad to see you made sense of my terribly sketchy lines! <3

yeah, i know this has probably been done already.

if you wanna listen to the songs i wrote down: [x] [x] [x] [x]

"Wait, if the Lieutenant’s here, then that must mean-" [x]

But when you’re with me, darling
I don’t believe in anyone else
I’m so confused by you
I don’t know what to do [x]


Art by the amazing Burdge

Colored by martha-and-george

(Source: thetitancurse)