i forgot to post the halloween sketches i did for Blaire and Prosper i’m the worst

i was messing around with the idea of them dressing up as Adventure Time characters, but i’m pretty sure they would rather go with the idea on the right- it just fits them better. 

was feeling pretty uninspired in drawing class yesterday, so i doodled a Hazel

tried something a little different, and Blaire and Prosper were my guinea pigs

is it just me or do they look like what disney’s been putting out recently

what a stupid way to get rid of hiccups

"Can I kiss you?"

He hesitated to answer her, mostly out of shock at her bluntness. Would he be required to expend energy in this scenario? Did that even matter at this point? He allowed himself to sigh inwardly; he’s never been any good at refusing her anyway.

now that i look at this again, i’m not even sure what i was trying to achieve here. 

oreki is super hard for me to draw for some reason??

so i practiced sketching him. because you know the only time i decide to sketch is when i absolutely should be getting other work done. i just noticed i messed up the order of his name on this oops.

in addition to the outrageously crucial art history comprehensive exam tomorrow, i’m also trying to finish illustrations for my children’s lit book. all this work to do and it’s halloween. 

*bangs head against desk*

someone… actually… took the time… to erase my signature…. from this post


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cute, troublemaking protagonists are a weakness of mine

colored a sketch from the beginning of the year, because my head was starting to hurt from studying for comps (my brain is gonna be so crammed full of art history slides by friday jeeeeeez)

a while back, i mentioned that i saw a guy who looked exactly how i imagine percy jackson at my school. but i can’t get a photo of him! partly because that’d be kind of an invasion of privacy, and also because i hardly ever see him on campus lol. but basically, he does look a lot like how i draw percy- and, while at work, i tried to tweak my design to do this kid justice, but i had to do it from memory. thus, he’s very cartoony. 

i swear, though, his eyes are actually that pretty.


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"I’m sorry.”

i finally got around to answering this anon, and i really really really wanted to. even though it’s sloppy, i had fun. <3

it ended up a million times cheesier than how it started, i don’t know how i managed that.