you shoulda seen my reaction to the crap snk pulled in episode 22

literally the only thing i’ve been working on the last couple weeks. you might have noticed that i’ve just been posting quick sketches…? it’s because of this monstrosity. it’s for Arielle's Ladies of Literature zine! it’s not quite where i want it to be, so before i finally give it to Arielle, i would really love some feedback. i feel like maybe there’s too much going on..?

here’s some background: the focus is Orual, a character in C. S. Lewis’ novel Til We Have Faces, which is a retelling of the Greek myth of Cupid and Psyche. Orual is Psyche’s older, ugly sister and the story is told from her perspective. she was genuinely one of my favorite characters as a kid, and still is. it’s beautifully written and i hope this will get more people to read it. :D

I was the match and you were the rock,

Maybe we started this fire. [x]

I live by my own laws,
I stick to my guns and hold my head up to midnight sun.
I hope the guilt will dim and fade,
The fire baptism engulfed in my shame. [x]


i totally dropped the ball on those pjoshipweeks- so, my apology is taking the form of a hug between go figure Leo and Hazel.

thought I’d try my hand at my favorite character in Orange is the New Black, because wow she’s so awesome

i’ve got 99 problems and they’re all because i started watching anime [x]

to all those anons asking me for smut- this is as dirty as it’s gonna get for now

so not dirty at all sorry

remember when i was obsessed with Harry and Ginny

oh right i still am

i wish this guy existed so i could throw my sketchbook at him

heard it was SOMEONE’S birthday!

and since she is way too generous with me all the freaking time, i wanted to return the favor and draw her precious OC’s. they were so fun to draw and i couldn’t help but imagine this scenario, where Danica enjoys how uncomfortable Alex is over something off-page. even though it’s quite a fast and sloppy sketch- happy birthday, Andy!!! <3

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eren’s that character that i was annoyed with at the start but then became freakishly protective of and affectionate towards

sweet child, so prone to rage

wow okay awkward, young love really makes me wanna draw


i sketched this out after watching episode 59, before they were reunited. so excuse the non-canon-ness of it. i think it was wishful thinking that led me to draw it… not to say i didn’t actually ADORE the last few episodes, Roy and Riza are both so damn strong, i just wanted to see this so badly. my drawings of this pair have a tendency to include a LOT of touching, and i think that’s me compensating for the lack of touching on the show. anyway, here’s the song i wrote down in the corner of this.

BARELY made it, but i’ve had this idea in my head for Percy’s birthday for a while and had to draw it. i apologize, because i drew it drunkenly- just moved back into my apartment, hence… celebratory drinks. it was unavoidable.