someone on twitter mentioned a while back that my obsession with royai scared them but like seriously you don’t know the half of it

ALSO i am deeply, deeply in love with sandorclegane's versions of young roy and riza 

(listened to this soundtrack for this doodle sesh)

it’s finally getting coLDER <3


Okay I couldn’t resist coloring this! Again, thank you sweet sweet Brigid for drawing my darling OCs, Niall & Odine! I didn’t want to take away from your lines, so I just did some simple coloring!

And thank you everyone for the bday wishes and beautiful artwork! I’m going to print them all out and love them forever. I really felt special and you are all just really, really rad.

Art by Burdge

Coloring by me!

aw yehhhhhh you and your characters are rad ok <333 

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flameyO HOTman

*waggles eyebrows suggestively*

this was very indulgent

harry and ginny unwittingly find themselves in muggle london a little too close to halloween


i blame bev for this

if the spoilers for nico didn’t make you appreciate his character a million times more, don’t talk to me 

[a pretty good song for nico]


i struggled with which of your OCs to draw, because they’re all so beautiful and interesting and dynamic omg. and then i managed to draw a pose that wouldn’t show off these two’s tattoos /mentally kicks self

anyway, i hope you like this <333

so i don’t have my tablet with me to clean this up, but i wanted to post it today (it being the last day of pjoshipweeks and all that)

i’m just happy i managed to scribble this out in between preparing for my senior synopsis show [<3]

here’s what i’m working on this semester! the only one that’s nearly complete is the last one and i’m desperately trying to get more done for a synopsis show in a couple weeks! ack!

if they look at you like this, you’re so screwed. no point in running.

house of hades spoilers!

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their thoughts in this scene were totally “oh my god envy shut up”

*shouts from the rooftops* SIBLINGS