"but…as long as i’ve got this smile…that’s good enough for me."

a mix for two kids struggling with their past and future together || {listen}
*aka the songs that play in the background while i cry because of everything post chapter 42
*apologies for the (crummy choice of) cover art bc i can’t art and wow so much guitar

high hopes (live session) kodalinewhere do we go from here the temper trapwe could be friends freelance whalescan i wait? jason harwelltourist yunabonfires rosie and merocking chairs branchescome tell me (acoustic) amanda leelove like a sunset part ii phoenixfeather in the wind susie suhfor the first time (cover) the wantedwe’ll be okay imaginary future

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Beach Baby
Bon Iver - Blood Bank

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my neighbour totoro theme
a music box heals you -


‘my neighbour totoro’ music box

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Feel Good Inc. (Gorillaz cover)
Celia Pavey -



holy shit


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Take Me To Church
Hozier -

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Everything's Okay
Lenka - Two
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Mother's Song
Takagi Masakatsu & Ann Sally - Wolf Children OST


(Wolf Children) Ann Sally - Mother’s Song

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
The Beatles - The Beatles (White Album)


The Beatles - Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

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Time After Time
Cyndi Lauper - She's So Unusual

after the ice cream melts - a mix for the classics club
"i promise i won’t forget its taste’, includes vagabond (misterwives), pumpin’ blood (jane doze remix; NONONO), ways to go (grouplove), real slow (miami horror) and 7 others. [LISTEN]

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Animal Life
Shearwater -


"Animal Life" by Shearwater
Born inside the gates of the family
Hardened by a Roman machinery
Cast among the building sites
The coiling wires, the shots collected

Called out in the wake of a lottery
Held inside the family gathering
Mirrored beams and doglike stretch
The wandering association

Murmurs in the dark confessional
And it rides along the road, ephemeral
As an animal life

Rusting in the shade of the batteries
Hanging from a rope in the gallery
Pacing down the balance beam of half-remembered holidays

No rush of light, no sign of belonging
No joy in building, love in the finishing
Chasing down an anodyne and half-reflected radiance

To hide below the ancient barricade
In chambers like the rooms a swallow made
For an animal life

Charging down the maw of the ocean
I wanna come close, I wanna come closer
I held your name inside my mouth through all the days of wandering

But called out from the mouth of oblivion
Cast away like dogs from the shelter
I shed the dulling armor plates
That once collected radiance

And surging at the blood’s perimeter
The half-remembered wild interior
Of an animal life


Animal Life has been my favorite song for a couple of months now, the lyrics are just breathtaking.

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Can't Help Falling In Love With You (Cover)
Fleet Foxes -

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Where No One Goes
Jonsi/John Powell - How to Train Your Dragon 2


In honour of the release of HTTYD2 in theatres!


I Wanna Get Better
Bleachers -


I didn’t know I was lonely ‘til I saw your face. 

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