that one drawing i showed you guys in that one video… the one that compared the LoK babes with the HoO cuties. anyway, you guys asked for a scan! c:

if liking these two together makes me a bad person, then…


group pic because i am SO excited for season 2. :3

using an old scanner now that i’m home blegh.


someone has been demanding i post my sketches of Prim. i don’t have a clue as to why, but there you go. that’s Prim on the right.

…accompanied by Arya Stark and the Bending Brothers. let’s just call it as it is: doodles of unfortunate young people. 

oh, Korra, stop making Mako uncomfortable. 

okay. Mako has infiltrated my defenses. it’s official, i find him utterly adorable.

why hello, bandwagon. 

FINALLY i have a working program; Paint Tool SAI! found a version for Mac and now i’m practicing on it. anyone know where i can get good brushes?