This wasnt even supposed to be an Adventure Time drawing but it sort of just happened

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abandoned sketches from last semester! (i would put on cartoons sometimes while painting in the studio, it was weirdly relaxing??)


some adventures are harder than others

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a weird sketch proportionally, if i’m honest w/ myself [x]

couldn’t think of a good phrase for this valentine, which is odd, cause i know there must be a million puns out there for this couple. 

but this song always reminds me of them. uwu

you and i are nothing but thieves

i forgot to post the halloween sketches i did for Blaire and Prosper i’m the worst

i was messing around with the idea of them dressing up as Adventure Time characters, but i’m pretty sure they would rather go with the idea on the right- it just fits them better. 

more doodles from class

Marceline the Vampire Queen for Halloween!!

omg too much rhyming


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sketchfu’d this today, when i was slapped in the face with Adventure Time feels. 

threw some flat color on this sketch today. yayyy adventure time! :3

why do i feel so compelled to draw Finn like Peter Pan…?

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