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My headcanon is that James Potter was left handed. He and Sirius developed their own fighitng style according to this fact and they were very effective because they used the opposite hands so they had no weak side.

Oh my god I have this EXACT same headcanon.  I just love how James and Sirius seem to be two halves of a whole in a way, like in that 800 word prequel where they had “identical fluid movements” and in Snape’s Worst Memory they worked together so flawlessly like… shit.  

also, i bet it annoyed the hell out of lily.


(circa 5th year??) 

James is all smug because his ruse of getting lily to talk to him without shouting worked. I guess it also helped they were in a classroom, else Lily would’ve given him a earful.




Traditional media for the win!

Taking a tip out of the Burdge handbook and decided to go back to my roots: traditional media! I came up with a small series of “Percy Jackson Beat’em Ups” illustrations I want to do. In celebration for the new PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS movie that’s coming out next month, I decided to do the “Percy & Annabeth vs. the Kraken” picture first.

“he had a solemn way of talking that made him seem older and wiser than he really was.”

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deviantArtist shoomlah created a redesign of Pocahontas for her gorgeous “Historical Disney Princesses” series, in which she took cues from the films as to their probable time periods, researched the dress of those periods, and redrew the Princesses in clothing with a higher (though still stylized) degree of accuracy.

She received honest critique on some elements of her Pocahontas design, from people more familiar with actual 17th century Powhatan dress and history, some of whose ancestry was rooted in that history. And, to her very great credit, she took that critique graciously to heart and chose to create an even lovelier and more historically accurate version of her design which incorporated what she had learned. She also specifically cited her own concerns over misrepresenting a real person, as opposed to a fairy tale character, as part of her explanation for the change.

No hard feelings, no anger or insecurity. Just sensible integrity, an open heart, and a willingness to expand her own horizons.

This is how you do it, guys. ♥

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An old sketch from a trip to Bath, England two years ago during the holidays. I decided to scan it and throw in a little color… Very little color – It was quite dreary the whole time there. But still lovely.

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New York City Subway, 1946 by Stanley Kubrick (via)



Shipweeks——> Percabeth



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I used to love burdge’s art, and I even used it to help develop my own style. But I sincerely cannot say I respect her as an artist anymore. She seems like she would be cocky and pretentious from her huge fanbase, and most of her art that she uploads isnt very well done. No, I dont mean her art is bad, I mean she always uploads doodles, scribbles, and half finished drawings. She makes no effort into completing projects or major pieces, she solely runs on the amount she puts out, the fact its all popular fanart, and the talent she has is completely wasted.

I also have an issue with her wasting her talent because she never does anything different. She always does fanart, couples, and fanart of couples. Scroll through her art and you’ll know I’m right, with an exception here and there. She wastes opportunity and talent by just drawing people in the middle of white space, very few with the effort of backgrounds. Now im not saying she isnt capable, but thats whats sad. She is capable, but she doesnt do it, she needs to learn to upload her art under doodles/scraps because thats all it is anymore.

Whoa whoa whoa hold up there.

Maybe you’ve forgotten that burdge is going to school full time for art. Do you realize what it’s like to be in college? Do you know how much time it takes to study art? She is a sociable and responsible adult with a life outside of the fanart which made her so well known. She “never does anything different” because she posts what her fans want to see. But when you major in art, you are constantly burying yourself in projects (DIFFERENT projects) that take a lot of time and focus.

One of her professors has also offered her a job in animation.

Do not tell everybody her talent is wasted.

Today’s instalment of I follow the best people: Brynne is perfect eddition.

oh wow… thank you so much, ice-ridden. and andy- i read your commentary, and my heart felt close to bursting when i saw how fervently you defended me. 

the truth is, i can kind of see where this confession came from. i do upload a lot of the same thing, but like ice-ridden said, i post what i’ve done for fun, in my spare time, and for young fans to enjoy. i keep most of my serious artwork off of the internet- i like keeping it separate, until someone specifically asks to see something.

i say it so often, but making assumptions can be really harmful. especially when the only way you “know” a person is through the internet- a seriously unreliable source.

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i just logged on and oh man i love you all

i can’t stop liking everything on my dash and omg all the messages. after a small hiatus, it took logging back on to realize how much i missed you all

i think i’d simply like to get back to sharing my drawings, if you don’t mind? there’s no point in me staying away any longer c:




You sure did, Bo. Good job.

“Don’t worry. I’ll save you from Toza.”

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The kiss
Gustav Klimt 

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