someone stop me from drawing so much Ten and Rose. gad.

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    Oh, no, please do not stop drawing them!!!!!!!!
  2. geilie said: NEVER STOP!
  3. randomfandomteacher said: I really don’t think anyone is gonna try to stop you =P
  4. timeladypoppins said: NO I LOVE ROSE AND TEN DON’T EVER STOP. plus you’re quite good at capturing Billie Piper’s particular face, so <3
  5. mahkoto said: NEVER STOP. EVER.
  6. rebloggingmyheartout said: Nice shirt, Brig! ;)
  7. larkiethings said: Noooo, I don’t think I will x3 I enjoy your Whovian art~
  8. noamchimpsky said: no never stop.
  9. sleeper9 said: NO, do moar! yeah yeah!
  10. eggsaucting said: KEEP ON KEEPING ON
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  12. doctorwhoatson said: Don’t ever stop! They are beautiful and they deserve to be beautifully drawn over and over again by you :D!!
  13. arrestomomentum said: I WILL NEVER STOP YOU AND NEVER LET ANYONE ELSE STOP YOU ~enabler~
  14. lord-ponty said: DRAW S’MORE SIMON AND ALISHA <3
  15. brusierkee said: Nope, keep em’ coming!