It was a LEAP, not a FALL.

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Oreki being cutie

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I suspect that Jo Rowling probably imagined James and Harry as white too, i don’t mind that, that’s her business.

Personally I’m mentally acting against the white-as-default-unless-otherwise-specified that’s pervasive in imagining media especially in predominately white fandom culture.

I’ve generally operated on a POC-unless-otherwise-noted basis with how I imagine characters. My HP headcanons aren’t What If Everybody In Harry Potter Was Black Instead Of White. They only read that way if you’re still stuck in the white-as-default zone.

James’ skin color, hair texture, etc to my knowledge has never been specified and that means to me that even a reader who strictly contains themselves within the bounds of canon is free to imagine him as any number of ethnicities.

In absence of a specified race I chose to imagine the one that makes the story most compelling to me.

In absence of a specified race I chose to imagine the one that makes the story most compelling to me.

My James is black because that creates the most personally compelling racial background for my Harry. It is informed by my interpretation of the canon interactions between the Potters and the Evans/Dursleys, whom Jo Rowling and I probably imagine very similarly. It is informed by my experience as the black mixed-race child of a black man and a white woman who grew up more or less estranged from both my parents largely in the care of my white maternal aunt and her family, household, values, and prejudices. It is informed by my personal desire for a black mixed-race hero story.

Probably most important to me, my desire to create and disseminate content that involves non-white interpretations of popularly-imagined-white-by-default characters reflects my desire to speak to people like me, who are not used to seeing faces like theirs represented in the popular media they consume. It reflects my fight against white-as-default. It reflects my desire to contribute to young people of color feeling empowered by popular fiction and not othered by it. It reflects my desire not to let blockbuster casting directors dictate what you may or may not imagine the characters that populate your fiction to be.

It’s not arbitrary and it doesn’t come from nowhere, but if it did, that would be fine too. All my interpretations are based squarely in canon. But if they weren’t, that would be damn well acceptable. Squeeze representation out of anywhere you can feel it and fabricate the rest. Own your fiction.

The James as black headcanon not only works, it adds a whole different depth to the story. First off, Vernon’s intenser hatred for James than Lily, The whole Pure-Race dogma of the death eaters, the fact that James, though pureblood, didn’t seem to have any Death Eater family members like Sirius did. 

Then Harry as mixed, the teasing he got at school, the fact that he was never mistaken for an actual relative of the Dursley’s in public. His black uncontrollable hair that his white family had NO IDEA how to deal with. His eyes were always considered striking though it’s not an unusual color for whites. 

Screw it, headcanon accepted. 

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*gets down on my knees* mr iwata just hear me out

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Refresh the Fancast For The Love of God: Suraj Sharma as James Potter

“It was as though he was looking at himself but with deliberate mistakes. James’s eyes were hazel, his nose was longer than Harry’s, and there was no scar on his forehead, but they had the same thin face, same mouth, same eyebrows. James’ hair stuck up at the back exactly as Harry’s did, his hands could have been Harry’s and Harry could tell that when James stood up they would be within an inch of each other’s heights.”

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New SmallButera short! Being married is fraught with challenges; remember to take precautions during horseplay.

Sorry this one took so long, pfff.


Fun week of random Annie Mei-tion’s!

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"You’re not the reason I fell."

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So burdge's sketches have gotten me into Soul Eater and I serious can't get over how cool this show is. My favourite part is all the different Meister-to-Weapon relationships and their dynamics. So while on this wavelength (😂) I figured, why not draw Burdge's OC's Blaire and Prosper and a Weapon/Meister team?
I drew them kinda younger because I wanted them to be DWMA students. I figured it’d be funny to have a huge Prosper who’s primary weapon form is a small knife! In the super rough sketches as well, you can see the fem-bromance between Blaire and Maka.
I think this duo would be super cool!

this is…. THIS IS- 

i can’t find words, your sketches are fantastic, i gasped when i saw these. now all i can think about is this au, it’s swirling around in my head with all the possibilities. i don’t think i’ve been this excited about blaire and prosper since before i dropped their comic omg THANK YOU <3

*makes lame joke about old school anime*