my response to the recent JKR interview in 2 parts:
1. color an old harry/ginny sketch
2. laugh because NO TAKESIES BACKSIES JO

my response to the recent JKR interview in 2 parts:

1. color an old harry/ginny sketch

2. laugh because NO TAKESIES BACKSIES JO


finished the last olympian and i’m an emotional wreck. don’t touch me

this doesn’t make any sense but shhhhhhhhh. idc

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Anonymous: did you hear that in an interview jk rowling apparently said that she regrets putting ron/hermione together?????


Yeah, I’ve heard. And I’ve gotten a lot of asks about it, so I guess I’ll try and say a little something.

I find it extremely disappointing that JK Rowling decided to make that statement publicly, and it actually made me lose a great deal of respect for her. It reminds me of Faulkner in a way - who was famously known for making huge declarative statements about his work after he had finished it, which made little sense and always contradicted each other. It almost feels to me like she’s been dwelling on Harry Potter for too long and in that time, has started to overanalyze herself. Her reasoning why - that it was “wish-fulfillment” which wasn’t based on literature - makes absolutely no sense; what tradition are you trying to fulfill here, JK? There is absolutely nothing wrong, from a writing standpoint, with putting Ron and Hermione together; in fact, it makes more sense in a greater literary tradition - opposites attract, we like to watch people who bicker fall in love, etc, etc. What would Harry and Hermione even do together? Talk about the weather? There is NO literary reason for the two of them to be together - unless, of course, that was the books that she had written, and the choice she had originally made. Which she didn’t. New information - like facts about Remus growing up, or that Dumbledore is gay - is one thing. But to openly challenge what she has already written, a couple that created such a core storyline throughout the series? I don’t understand why she’d do that.

Even if that is genuinely what she believes, it’s unfortunate that she decided to share that with a wider audience. It has the potential to poison some people’s experience of the books, especially because Romione is such a huge thing for so many people. For me, it was a storyline that showed me what true love could be like, what I wanted it to be like for me in the future. And it’s really shitty to hear that the creator of that is now backpedalling, saying that my view of romance since childhood is simply wish fulfillment for her, and not realistically viable. To hear Emma say that people wonder if Ron could make Hermione happy. If you take their opinions seriously, that’s extremely crushing. What’s the point of Ron’s character, if Harry and Hermione were together in the end? If they had been able to function on their own, it might as well be a golden duo instead of a golden trio. But JK Rowling, herself, said that he was the heart, she was the one who wrote “Harry liked Hermione very much, but she just wasn’t the same as Ron.” Those words will live on, whether or not she intends to uphold them. 

The truth of it is - the books are written. We’ve read them, we know the story, and we know that Ron and Hermione get together in the end. Those books are decades old now and have taken on a life of their own - creating a theme park, an interactive website, hundreds of parodies, an entire music scene, a particularly hilarious musical. This isn’t really in her hands anymore. We know these characters, no matter what her opinion about them is. And I know, with every certainty and without a single doubt, that Ron and Hermione were meant for each other - and that they were happy. Fuck hindsight. 

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I could swear there are many posts that talk about this but oh well… Anywho…

I really felt the need to discuss this because I have felt like this before. And I know it’s difficult to talk about it out of the fear of being called selfish or “crying for attention”.

I completely disagree. It’s not a matter of acting selfish. Again it’s another self-esteem issue. Let’s face it, low self-esteem is difficult to overcome, despite what some people think.

But it can be helped. We all want to be funny, smart, clever, pretty, talented, and all that jazz. We can be those! It’s totally possible.

Get started now! Learn to laugh and develop your own sense of humor. Be up to date with current events. Dress properly and care about your appearance.

But mind you I never said it was easy or a quick-fix. Everything takes time. I know it’s difficult in this time where we want things instantly. Believe me, I am the most impatient individual. But we just have to wait and keep working.

And popularity should not be your main concern. Yes as an artist we want some recognition, but becoming popular for the sake of being popular is a negative behavior to have.

Go at your own pace. Take it step by step to be become a better individual and a better artist. Make yourself happy and learn to love yourself.

I’m working on that too. In fact I made this advise for myself as well. Everything will get be better. Don’t worry C:

Guys, the number of messages I get on a regular basis about how a good number of you feel discouraged by my writing (and other traits and talents) and say you’ll “never be as good as [me]” is astounding, so really. Look at this carefully if it’s relevant to you! And remember that the pieces of me you see on my blog are just very tiny bits of my life that I
choose to let you see. I’m only rad online. Remember to not compare yourselves to others, and don’t let anyone compare you to anyone else. (but to the dozens of other messages I get about how my writing inspires you guys to write your own stuff, I say: hella hella.)

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Warm up sketch… things…

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Here is some little parts from my new drawing that I’m working on.

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"Your feelings are valid simply because you feel them."
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if this isn’t your favourite video you’re doing it wrong

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thought maybe I could use a change of pace, so I’m experimenting with gouache wooP

thought maybe I could use a change of pace, so I’m experimenting with gouache wooP

"Always be kinder than you feel."