This shirt via Teefury has somehow managed to encapsulate everything good - from Klimt to Flame Princess.

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New HTTYD2 clip!

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in honor of speak your language day, s/o to those who had to unlearn their native languages, to those who are told not to speak their native languages, to those whose native language is different from their parents, to those who are told their native language is not real, to those who cannot speak their native language in public & to those who are denied resources in their native language

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Water lilies, Claude Monet.

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So i was getting over a block and i wanted to draw ma main girl Annabeth :) (the style is inspired by the amazing galaxyspeaking, i hope you don’t mind)

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Nocturne in Black and Gold: The Falling Rocket // James Whistler // 19th Century

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*doodles intensify*



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If only my heart could speak into this river 

And you’d drink me up 

bonus because i cope with this manga through drawing a lot of hugs:


Hum, I’m home from work and grabbing paper to start drawing and thought I’d talk about this for some reason…when I talk about working straight in ink and going through a lot of bad drawings to make one good one, and developing your confidence and line quality, this is what I’m talking about. These are just SOME of the bad drawings I went through to make this one http://rvsa.tumblr.com/post/81451421432 (I’m really not the sort of person who is ok with showing stuff I’m not happy with but this is my no.1 artaxe to grind so)

You get an image in your head and you gotta try to accept all the junk you have to produce that is literally just a natural consequence of slowly training your hand and brain to make the movements you want. Not by laboriously going over the same thing over and over until it becomes too warped inside your eye to even see it clearly, but by destroying and recreating it and knowing that each time makes you stronger, throwing away what you don’t need. The only art advice I’ve ever felt made a difference for me is that you must not be afraid to destroy it if it’s not working.

I sound a lot more sanguine about it than I really am (I have a real temper and this drives me crazy, let’s just say I spend a lot of time scrubbing ink off of my walls) but it’s really worth it to ride that horrible thing until maybe you’re lucky enough to teach your body something new and beautiful. Working like that is draining and eats through materials, but making a habit of it makes a real difference in your state of mind and hand that carries over when you work in other techniques.

I mean, at least for me, but I’m pretty fucked up

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Google Doodles | Audrey Hepburn’s 85th Birthday (May 4th)

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orange whaluuuu

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Take practice

Just a wip for a little school assignment. I’m pretty busy with school and Lost Nightmare lately so I’m sorry for the lack of art orz

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