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Post about Ramadan.


There have been various posts spreading incorrect information about about Ramadan. Normally I am excited by people posting about Islam in any manner; the religion is a fascinating one. However, I became ashamed.

The people who posted about Ramadan seem to have no idea what it is, the rules, or the reason it occurs.

The biggest problems with the posts:

  • Myth: Tagging food as “NSFW”, as seeing food will break fast
  • Fact: Seeing, smelling, or being around food in general will not break fast. Also, the fast is going without food and drink, not just forgoing food.
  • Myth: “if they see food on their dash you’re just making it harder for them to restrain from eating”
  • Fact: This is offensive because it says that Muslims do not have the self-control to look at food and then abstain form eating it.
  • Myth: ” I’d just seen a couple pieces of untagged NSFW content on my dash, my fast would have been broken right now “
  • Fact: Your fast is not broken by viewing images- fast is broken if you act upon desires.

Also, if you read the first post, the person admits they do not know much about Ramadan- but they continue writing instead of reading. Also an important part of Ramadan is avoiding distractions-TV, music, and internet. Which means some Muslims will not be on Tumblr anyway.

For those curious about Islam and Ramadan, please follow these links:

  1. aboutramadan.com (the best site)
  2. Pre-Ramadan Interviews with new Muslims (replacing 10 Facts About Ramadan- link was broken)
  3. About.com
  4. IslamzPeace


  1. A open Q & A session about Ramadan
  2. Ramadan Campaign Against Hunger Offers Donors The Chance To Double The Impact Of Their Sadaqah

Please, please read and listen! Come back and tell me what you learnt!

Ramadan Mubarak

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it’s not a thursday without doodles of mopey girls

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WOLF CHILDREN RAGHH This movie broke my heart

gonna be a miniprint/ postcard I think HMMMMM

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tipsy eru because she’s charming

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
The Beatles
The Beatles (White Album)


The Beatles - Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

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Nightcrawler Redesign @sketch_dailies

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Hyrule Warriors - Character Art

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someone give these kids a break or I’ll most likely die reading it.

i just…. saw the raws for chapter 43… of koe no katachi…. …….



Folks welcomed the hand reference I posted, so here’s some foot reference.

As an artist you’ll draw A LOT of feet, especially feet that REST ON THE GROUND. Don’t be one of those artists who hides feet behind grass or mist all the time. Print these out and draw ‘em.

I included the knees because you’ll need to know how feet connect with legs; draw ‘em up to the knee.

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let the wind carry us



Duet - Glen Keane

I legit cried. Please watch this.

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