Ahhhhh. It was so awesome to meet burdge in real life. I would have never thought it would happen, to be honest, but it was truly a magical experience. Meeting your favorite artist is always amazing. It was so fun seeing you and your fantastic paintings. I truly couldn’t get enough of them. The use of color…*dies with excitement*. It was absolutely lovely to see the fantastic work and the actual you. Gahh. I am so glad I got to see you and your stunning work. It was a wonderful time:)

hahaha selfies all over the place! i was beyond flattered that you all went so out of your way to get to the show- honestly, it made my night to meet you and your friends. i was really honored and i still am! <3

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Many tears were shed last night.

Maybe I caught some of Burdge’s absolute fabulous-ness through osmosis? The art show was gorgeous and it was so cool talking to her. It’s official, Brigid Vaughn is as awesome and as inspiring in real life as she is on tumblr.

Congrats, Burdge, for having such an amazing show and getting your degree! I’m sure you’ll put it to good use!

yayyyy thank you!!! i had such a wonderful time talking with you! <3


last night my friends and I got to meet the amazing burdge at her art show! we were all pretty nervous when we showed up but burdge came to talk to us and was super sweet! being able to meet her in person and talk to her about fandom/art things was surreal. she’s a big inspiration, and her art is incredible! thank you so much, burdge <3



I met burdge everyone!! I repeat I met burdge!

I was being a shy little dweeb and they my aunt just goes hey my niece is a fan of you. Gah! I was mortified! But I’m glad she did.

She was the sweetest person we talked for a good while and I’m so happy I got to meet her!!! And her paintings were incredible!

I’m so happy!!

thank youuuuu!! i was so happy you could make it, seriously. you were so sweet! 


So tonight I got to meet burdge at her art show’s closing reception.  I knew she was wicked talented, but to see those talents in person was really something.  Each of her art pieces was beautifully done.  (I kinda wish there was more!  I couldn’t get enough.)

My mum and I talked about different interpretations of a few of the pieces and different emotional responses.  My favorite pieces where the ones that elicit responses emotional for me, because then I know I connected with the art work.

I was super nervous about meeting her at first, feeling more than ever socially awkward.  But Burdge was really sweet and listened to the different interpretations I had made.  In the last photo, the piece that she and I are standing in front of is personally my favorite.  Partly because of the title, the vibrant contrasting colors and composition of the piece.

Anyways, congratulations Burdge on the completion of your degree! I really can’t wait to see future pieces you will create next.

♥ Nollie

thank you for coming!!!! it was so lovely to meet you and hear your input ( ˘ ³˘)❤


More Blind!Nico AU uwu

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idk how somebody can think that 100 followers is few like they are literally 100 people  who have lives and dreams and habits like the may prefer cold showers over hot showers or anything idk these weird personal preferences and they have feelings, sometimes they cry sometimes they are happy and each one has its own little pleasures like reading cooking drawing idk things they love and treasure i think people should realize that a follower is not a blog it’s a whole person  

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This shirt via Teefury has somehow managed to encapsulate everything good - from Klimt to Flame Princess.

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New HTTYD2 clip!

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in honor of speak your language day, s/o to those who had to unlearn their native languages, to those who are told not to speak their native languages, to those whose native language is different from their parents, to those who are told their native language is not real, to those who cannot speak their native language in public & to those who are denied resources in their native language

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Water lilies, Claude Monet.

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So i was getting over a block and i wanted to draw ma main girl Annabeth :) (the style is inspired by the amazing galaxyspeaking, i hope you don’t mind)

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Nocturne in Black and Gold: The Falling Rocket // James Whistler // 19th Century

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*doodles intensify*