sorairo days

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Plumbogummite with Pyromorphite

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dragon boy

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process of this piece

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Make Me Choose: 2D animation or CGI Animation

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You sound just like all the other artists I’ve met. No one should expect perfection when they’re first starting out.
—Whisper of the Heart (on not being good enough)


Daily Planet Files short story preview!

Featuring the action packed, Sc-Fi infused, nonsensical, romantic misadventures of Lois and Clark (and sometimes Jimmy, Perry, and everyone else….well actually… a lot of Jimmy, Perry and everyone else). None of that description probably made any sense. Okay, I’m not sure what you should expect. Things will happen!

Sorry about the lack of text, I promise I’ll post the whole comic when I finish. This isn’t for anything major, just me creating stories for practice and maybe your amusement!

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This is a present for the lovely Bridgid aka burdge

You are such a talented artist and even though I only talked with you for a little bit you seem to be equally a sweet person! 

I can’t wait to see what you will do in this next chapter of your life!

So congratulations on graduating!!

oh my gosh!! thank you so much!!! i don’t know what to say, this is so sweet <3

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i am without a scanner and a studio, but i still needed to get a sketch on here for viria's birthday. sorry it's so late, love!!! your characters are such a delight to draw, i especially had fun with cyrus' bedhead uvu

i’ve missed so many friends’ birthdays this year i’m the worst

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Dimitri dreaming of his favorite thing, big and happy flowers. Those dark and velvety poppies he saw once keep coming back to his mind.

A little personal painting in between freelance work. Painted with Fine watercolors, gouache and indian ink on Daler Rowney paper.

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i love these vines so much

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