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lets get rich and give everybody nice sweaters and teach them how to dance.

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babananas said: drawing contact between humans is sometimes so hard for me and you make it seem so EASY and natural and perfect

!!!!! NOoooo omg the other day i saw you were on tumblr again and i was gonna send you a message about how i’m freaking elated you’re back to posting art- i admire your stuff so much, so i don’t need to go into how absurdly flattered i am by any compliments from you ( ˘ ³˘)❤

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all of me, honestly, is dedicated to hold you
i’ll be sketching harry and ginny til i die of old age

all of me, honestly, is dedicated to hold you

i’ll be sketching harry and ginny til i die of old age

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There’s are several ways to turn off all gifs on your dashboard.

  1. If you have XKit, you can download the “Disable Gifs” extension.
  2. If you want to (permanently) disable any gifs on the web, follow this handy guide (works for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera).
  3. There is a Chrome extension that pauses all gifs until you click to start them.

Know more / other ways? Please share!

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Man the one thing I can’t stop thinking about is how desperate young artists seem to be for shortcuts, and that’s kind of disheartening

When I was streaming I got a bunch of questions asking like ‘Do you have tips or tutorials for drawing xyz thing’ and my response to those questions was consistently ‘Just practise and research.’

And it seemed like a lot of people were not happy with that answer.

Like I mean if you want to get better at art, that’s how it is. That’s what you have to do. There are no shortcuts, there are no fast-tracks to learning and mastering techniques. Sure you can look up tutorials and stuff but the main issue I have with tutorials is not the tutorials themselves, but rather the way people consume them.

It’s like when they see something put down on paper and there are steps to it or whatever, they will follow those steps and follow that exact set of steps for as long as they can, until they realise that not branching out and trying new things has ultimately given them a sort of artistic handicap.

Learning to do things in different ways is very important for becoming a good artist. Trying new things and branching away from your comfort zone is wildly important to your development. I mean, it’s kind of like doing anything else that requires dedication and repetition and practise.

Sure, you can play a song on guitar, but that doesn’t mean you know how to play guitar. That means you know how to play one song, one way. And that’s not helping you at all.

Same goes for art! You need to try. You need to force yourself away from what you’re used to doing and try different ways. You need to look at the broader picture, as it were. Don’t limit yourself. Don’t go ‘Oh, this tutorial says that this is how I should shade skin so obviously this is the only way I am going to do it for the rest of my artistic career.’

Sure, you can shade skin to make it look like it’s in broad daylight. But what about if you want to shade skin to make it look like the character you’re drawing is illuminated by the moon? What if you want to draw them in a dark and dingy swamp? What if you want to draw them in a night club? Then where will your tutorial be to help you?

That sounds really ominous but it’s true. You have to move your assand try different things. Don’t rely entirely on what someone tells you as the end-all-be-all to your method of drawing. Expand and question things! Look up like a BUNCH of different references and try to combine them! STOP LOOKING FOR SHORTCUTS.

I mean idk, art isn’t an easy thing. It takes years to hone and change and improve and even the masters were still improving and changing and getting better when they were at the end of their lives! Sitting there on your computer going ‘WHY CAN’T I DO THIS’ probably has something to do with the fact that you’re likely jumping into the deep end rather than starting from the very beginning, and that’s when you’re more likely to get frustrated and give up.

No, it isn’t fun to realize that you have to go back QUITE A BIT until you end up getting to where you need to be, but yo, them’s the breaks. Everyone has the potential to be a great artist, but you need the motivation and the dedication and that means not cutting corners.

Any art college professor will tell you that. Joe Schmoe on the street drawing in his little life drawing sketchbook will tell you that. Even weird impressionist artists will tell you that. If you want to sit in your little bubble and stick to only what you’ve been told and not branch out, then fine, but don’t get all persnickety when five years down the line you realise you shouldn’t have done that.

Can everyone just read this?? Life lessons.

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i went to a watercolor demo yesterday and tried out a sable brush that was over $300

i s2g i will never look at my brushes the same way

i’ve seen true beauty and it is really expensive

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burdge’s recent soul eater drawings have reminded me of how much i love these two dorks. Naturally I had to draw them!


burdge’s recent soul eater drawings have reminded me of how much i love these two dorks. Naturally I had to draw them!

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By Tuna Bora
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