My mom’s favorite character is Cho Chang

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Lee Jordan’s commentary appreciation post

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(Question from my Ask.fm account)

I’ve been asked a lot about developing styles and improving so I thought I would make an advice comic for you lovelies~ :>

It’s so hard to explain about our development in art styles. We may be influenced by the same things, but how we illustrate, express, and think is completely different. It’s not something you can buy or learn in a class.

Remember that age doesn’t matter and it’s never too late. You can draw whether you’re 30 or 13. You’re still young! And there’s no rush. We learn at our pace and should be proud of ourselves for continuing to draw. Not many people realize that art is a pretty tough field and I know a couple that have given up and chosen other paths.

Improvement will happen if you keep on doing what you love. It will take time but keep practicing and months (or years) from now you’ll be amazed at how much you’ve progressed. Soon your doodles that used to take you 2 hours will take only a minute or less.

But again, you have to just do it. This applies with music, performance, or anything else. Tutorials, books, and advices won’t mean anything unless you actually do it.

Don’t think about what anyone will think, if you’ll be famous or not, or if you’ll develop a “unique” style. Just start drawing. Fanart, figure drawing, animals, anime, just do it!!

You will improve and you will create great things. Just do it!!

I hope this helps!

THIS IS IT! This is it right here!

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after the ice cream melts - a mix for the classics club
"i promise i won’t forget its taste’, includes vagabond (misterwives), pumpin’ blood (jane doze remix; NONONO), ways to go (grouplove), real slow (miami horror) and 7 others. [LISTEN]

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But what about STUBBLED Percy? Can you draw it please? PLEASE pls


How could I say no to such a sexy suggestion ???? 

I just realized that in spite of really liking stubbled men IRL, I barely ever draw any… This must be changed !!! 

I’m getting more an more requests to draw specific characters and situations, I’m sorry guys but I won’t have time to do them all. If I get time and inspiration, I’ll do some of them, but I can’t promise anything. I enjoy reading your messages, though ! 

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koe no katachi’s goal is to break every reader’s heart i’m sure of it


Jennifer Mehigan - Immortal Diamond II, 2011

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Visual Development from Cinderella by Mary Blair

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Some of you all may remember this post from two years ago. Growing up, I would draw Sailor Moon every two years to see how my drawing had progressed. Started it up again a few years a go and added this year’s drawing to the mix :)


Hiccup and Astrid fanart, How to Train Your Dragon 2

First off, thank you the warm responses to my WIP sketch of this <3 You guys are awesome!

I wished the film had a bit more scenes with just Hiccup and Astrid together, so this piece came about. I think this is the longest time I’ve spent on a fanart, but this movie freaking deserves it. I could spend another 5 hours on it but I want to move on to other things.

This is also the first time I made a gif, like EVER. It’s super addicting… I’m definitely going to make more!

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scanner’s on the fritz

Animal Life
Shearwater -


"Animal Life" by Shearwater
Born inside the gates of the family
Hardened by a Roman machinery
Cast among the building sites
The coiling wires, the shots collected

Called out in the wake of a lottery
Held inside the family gathering
Mirrored beams and doglike stretch
The wandering association

Murmurs in the dark confessional
And it rides along the road, ephemeral
As an animal life

Rusting in the shade of the batteries
Hanging from a rope in the gallery
Pacing down the balance beam of half-remembered holidays

No rush of light, no sign of belonging
No joy in building, love in the finishing
Chasing down an anodyne and half-reflected radiance

To hide below the ancient barricade
In chambers like the rooms a swallow made
For an animal life

Charging down the maw of the ocean
I wanna come close, I wanna come closer
I held your name inside my mouth through all the days of wandering

But called out from the mouth of oblivion
Cast away like dogs from the shelter
I shed the dulling armor plates
That once collected radiance

And surging at the blood’s perimeter
The half-remembered wild interior
Of an animal life


Animal Life has been my favorite song for a couple of months now, the lyrics are just breathtaking.

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Frances is a character who’s definitely a woman, but her status is most important as a human rather than someone who’s either gendered or marriageable. I’m really interested in trying to tell stories about women that don’t involve romantic components. That’s so much a part of the way we feel about female characters and their needs that it feels like it’s built in — but I’d like to find a way that it’s not. There are so many more stories than that.

Greta Gerwig, on Frances Ha

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still the greatest scene from Toradora